Sunday, March 4, 2018

Life interrupted

Eleven days ago, I got hit by a car - an SUV actually. I was walking across the street from my office to go retrieve a file. Because I cross this intersection multiple times a week, and because I pay attention to traffic, I was as always careful. I waited for the walk sign, and waited to be sure no one was turning without looking, but it didn't save me that day. I don't remember getting hit, I just woke up in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Because I had bleeding in my brain, I was kept in ICU for three days. Thankfully, that cleared up. Unlike Jenny at Reading the End, I didn't break my neck. But I have a fractured leg, with a large brace, a walker AND crutches. Also, an amazingly-painful cracked rib. I had no idea how bad that could be. And a head wound. I was awake when they put staples in it, but taking the staples out was exponentially worse. At least my spectacular black eye is fading. At a store the other day, an older white man gave me a Scripture citation and then asked, "Who hit you?" When I answered "an SUV," it literally rocked him back a step.

Of course, it all could have been so much worse (and still could be, I suppose, since I am still seeing doctors and haven't been medically cleared). But I have survived, and my brain has cleared enough that I can read again. Those few days, without the comfort of books, and the constant thought that, what if my mind doesn't clear - those were bleak days.

Family members rushed to Houston, and I have been so blessed with friends taking care of me, and the cats as well. Yesterday someone sent me a small box of warm cookies and a bottle of chocolate milk, and I was caught between laughter and tears (and instant greed).

I am not able to manage much right now, but I can read. I am finding Donna Leon and Elly Griffiths, new authors to me, very welcome distractions. I will probably be reading much more in e-books, since I can't get to the library on my own. Or anywhere else - the sudden dependence is sobering, despite my wonderful friends offering to chauffeur me. I don't know how much writing I will be able to do, since it's difficult to sit comfortably with the brace. But then it would probably be a good thing to keep the little grey cells moving.

Truly, life can change in an instant. I never fully understood that before.